The Basics

  • Apprenticeships are work-based training programs for people aged 16 and over
  •  They combine on the job training with off the job training and are a great way to build a skilled and motivated workforce
  • The apprenticeship will last a minimum of one year and one week, but the duration will depend on both the course and the apprentice
  • The apprentice must work for a minimum of 30 hours a week, and 20% of this time must be given to the apprentice for off-the-job training
  • The minimum wage for apprentices is £3.70/hour

How We Deliver Training to Your Apprentice

Skills Edge Training’s apprenticeship delivery blends distance learning with onsite face to face delivery. Distance learning is delivered by our learner management software system “Skill Star” incorporating live lessons, lecturers, revision session and assignments. The system time stamps activity ensuring the learner, business and us as a provider are meeting the 20% training requirement per week. On site delivery will be means of an assessor visiting the candidate in the workplace around once a month although it could be as much as once a quarter. The assessor will complete further training sessions and assessments on these visits.

Who pays for the training?

This depends on the size of your organisation, the age of the apprentice, and the course they are on. All apprentices aged 16-18 entitle your organisation to a £1000 incentive payment.

Organisations only pay the apprenticeship levy if they employ over 50 people and have an annual pay bill of over £3million.

This table shows the employer's contribution's towards the cost of apprenticeship training:

apprenticeships employer payments

employer contributions for apprenticeships

How does the levy work?